VESTA Week in “Stars”


On May 16-19, 2017 in Moscow in the culinary studio ” Catering Stars ” we organized “VESTA Week in “Stars”. Two wonderful chefs worked with the grill: Alexander Rastunin and Walter Casiraghi

During this event 2 masterclasses were held and a lot of dishes were made. On May 16 you could visit a masterclass on Vesta grilling.
We cooked veal and turkey steaks and vegetables; we also offered unusual dishes for grilling: roast beef, carp in a salt shell, beef stew, two types of bread.
Our closed grill allows you to cook anything you want, the only limitation is the cook’s imagination.
It is a charcoal grill, so the product is cooked faster and is juicier. On May 19, a masterclass on the Vesta pizza oven was held. The wood oven gives pizza a unique spirit, and the dough gets the right crust and a delicate texture inside! We also decided to please the guests and offered them delicious desserts.
Can desserts be cooked in a wood oven? Of course! How do you like the wood-fired chocolate brownie, the French quiche from the pizza oven? It sounds unusual, but it tastes divine. Savoyardi cookies can also be made in the oven. The dish is tastier because it is cooked faster and dries out less.In a restaurant a small pizza oven can be used for baking bread, focacho, ciabatta, when there is a simple oven pizza in the main profile.



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