The Vesta Complex consists of integrated assembly units installed under a common spark arrestor.

For any kind of equipment ordered, a spark arrestor with hydrofilter is required. Vesta Complex can be furnished with different equipment while using a common spark arrestor.

You can buy the complex as a complete package, or separately.

Ordering specifications:
K2, K3 – on a V2 or V3 stand, respectively
К31 — extended stand.
V1, V2, V3 – VEGA open grill
А — Argentina open grill
M25, M45, M50 — VESTA closed grills
Vk- smoker “Vesta k”

Example: K3-V1-Vk-M25 — triple stand complex (K3); — VEGA open grill (V1); – Vesta smoker k (Vk); – Vesta M25 closed grill (M25)

Vesta Complex as complete units (download the complete unit file)

Double Stand complex (V2)

Triple stand complex (V3)

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